Emòlia Remineralizing for Hands

BenefitEmollient and Nourishing
Time15 mins
Frequencyonce a week
Treatment description

Professional hand treatment able to reduce the signs of age, improve skin elasticity, nourish and smoothen the skin.

Professional protocol
· Dissolve in lukewarm water 5 g (a teaspoonful) of Emòlia Remineralizing Salts and immerse hands for approximately 3 minutes. · If requested, go ahead with manicure. · Apply Emòlia Hand Exfoliating Scrub and perform the scrub massaging for a few minutes palm and back of the hand, focusing on areas with thick skin. It is advisable to use the product without any water until all residues are eliminated. · Gently remove the exfoliating scrub with a damp warm cloth, then rinse and wipe dry. · Slip on the Emólia Remineralizing Glove and leave on for approximately 15 minutes. · Remove the whole with warm water. · Apply Emòlia Hand Cream with a slow and prolonged massage to complete the treatment.
Personal protocol
· EMÓLIA REMINERALIZING SALTS · EMÓLIA Hand exfoliating scrub · EMÓLIA Remineralizing glove · EMÓLIA Hand cream
Used products