Deep Detox

BenefitRebalancing Detoxifying
Time50/60 mins
Frequency2/3 per week for 4/5 weeks
Treatment description

Balancing and detox treatment for the body, developed to favour in-depth purification and remove the toxins that may accumulate in the skin. The synergistic effect of the products and a correct execution of the protocol ensure an efficacious slimming effect.

Professional protocol
· Cleanse skin using PHYSIO Natura CLEANSING MILK and TONIC LOTION. · Prepare the PHYSIO Natura FACE-BODY SCRUB by adding the PHYSIO Natura DEAD SEA SALT (pounded to a smaller grain size), 4 drops of the PHYSIO Natura SINERGIE Adjuvant for draining treatment, 4 drops of PHYSIO Natura MULTIPURPOSE SINERGIE of essential oils and then massage the affected body parts. · After having cleansed the skin with lukewarm water, mix in a small bowl the Mud with the Dead Sea Salts and 10 drops of Synergy Adjuvant for Draining Treatment, and apply the mixture on the affected body parts. · Wrap the body parts to be treated in an HDPE sheet and a thermal blanket and leave on for about 30 minutes. · Remove using lukewarm water. · Proceed to massage the treated body parts mixing Escin Body Cream with 2 drops of Synergy Adjuvant for Draining Treatment.
Personal protocol
· Escina body cream PHYSIO Natura
Used products