Advanced Body Treatment Detox

BenefitBalancing Detox
Time50/60 minutes mins
Frequency1 per week for 5 weeks
Treatment description

Treatment Detox

Professional protocol
Perform body cleansing as per protocol. Where needed, add 4 drops of Physio Natura Draining Synergy and 4 drops of Physio Natura Multipurpose Synergy. Gently massage and remove residues with lukewarm water. Spray Physio Natura Comfort Essence onto lower limbs. Mix in a small bowl Physio Natura Black Mud with 4 drops of Physio Natura Draining Synergy and apply the mixture a few millimeters thick to the affected body parts. Wrap the treated body parts in an HDPE sheet and a thermal blanket. Leave on for about 30 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water. Apply Physio Natura Detox Serum to the affected area and perform a light massage until completely absorbed. Complete the treatment by massaging with Physio Natura Detox Cream.
Personal day protocol
Personal night protocol