Anti-Aging Mask with Alginates

Quantity3 pz. - 3 pcs
Active principles
  • elastin
  • panthenol
  • hyaluronic acid
  • lifting agent
  • ceramides
Product description

Innovative skin care product, easy to use with immediate effect and a powerful smoothing, restructuring and anti-wrinkle action.
Instant mask prepared by mixing the powder containing alginates obtained from brown algae with the specially provided trace element-based activator. Rich in selected active ingredients, it restores the vitality and radiance of the complexion, promoting cell renewal, eliminating impurities, deeply smoothing the skin and restoring its elasticity and firmness.
With its exfoliating effect, the alginate-based powder eliminates dead cells, stimulates cell renewal, and reduces the depth of wrinkles. The perfectly nourished skin will look firmer, denser and more velvety, ready for the subsequent treatments.

Suggested use
Pour Rigenera Activator into the vessel containing Rigenera Mask with alginates and stir until you obtain a smooth mixture with no lumps. Apply the mask to face and decolletage. Leave on for 10 minutes or, in any case, until completely dry. Remove the mask starting from the bottom like a sheet.