Dermopurifying Serum

Quantity50 ml
Active principles
  • burdock
  • propolis
  • tea tree oil
  • phycosaccharide APG
Product description

A renewed formula ideal for impure and acne-prone skins. Serum rich in innovative actives, including the PHYCOSACCHARIDE APG ®, which creates an invisible and non-occlusive film that protects the skin against harmful environmental agents, and against pollution. The Tea Tree Oil and the extracts of Burdock and Propolis have an antibacterial action and reduce impurities, counteracting glossy skin, enlarged pores and blackheads. The Mandelic Acid, with its delicate exfoliating action, facilitate cell renewal for a purer skin.

Suggested use
Apply the product on thoroughly cleansed face and neck tapping until completely absorbed. To optimize the result, use ARCTICA DERMOPURIFYING SERUM in combination with the other products of the PHYSIO NATURA line.
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