Putignano, early 1990s. Giovanni was a young pharmacist who spent many years studying. Those years were characterized by chemical formulas, laboratories, hard exams and great determination. When he was a student, Giovanni learned the processes governing nature and the precious benefits coming from nature after discovering its secrets. With his lab coat, test tubes and calculation, this curious and passionate young man was intrigued by the reactions of combined elements and by the results obtained for the care of people. Therefore, he started growing plants and taking care of his garden and herbs, while witnessing the natural miracle which was blooming and developing there. He was able to take part in the beauty of Nature in order to uncover its secrets. That’s where his love for cosmetology comes from. Giovanni was persuaded that beauty products from natural formulations are a synthesis between man’s work and Nature.

Then Giovanni met Maria Antonietta, a young businesswoman with great determination and a strong sense of initiative who fell in love with him. A new formula marked his life. This time it was a formula made of feelings.

Maria Antonietta left her previous business and created a “creature” entirely devoted to beauty with Giovanni. In 1996 they launched a revolutionary range of products, a perfect synthesis of their passions. They created Physio Natura.

Scientific research, study and love for Beauty and Nature are the basic ingredients of Physio Natura products, which managed to stand out right from the start from other cosmetic products because they are manufactured with active ingredients coming from that land that Giovanni and Maria Antonietta hold dear. They share a specific purpose which they had in mind since the beginning: “Bestowing beauty borrowing a small part of it from Nature”. This is the fundamental principle at the core of Physio Natura. Borrowing a small part of the immense beauty of Nature to put it into cosmetic products is a mission in cooperation with Nature itself, for the cosmetic line is named after it.

Physio Natura is not the result of the efforts of just two people, but has become a team sharing the same purpose – growing the company beyond national borders. Constant teamwork is one of the “invisible” essential ingredients of each product. Thanks to harmony, passion, commitment and study, the brand succeeded in making cosmetics as close as possible to the concept of natural authenticity.

Meanwhile, public demand for green products has risen exponentially, customers are ever-more demanding and aware. Challenging the market and current trends, the hectic schedule of Physio Natura laboratories allowed the company to achieve several goals and Physio Natura cosmetics obtained the most important industry certifications, ensuring their compliance with national and international standards and regulations. While most cosmetic labels claim that products are natural, Physio Natura is really committed to an achievable goal, following those ethical principles at the core of the company: respect for Nature and respect for those who entrusted their beauty to its products.

Today, after 20 years of research, success and love for its work, Physio Natura reaches another milestone following its natural evolution over two decades of laboratory research which allowed to manufacture cosmetic products starting from an almost perfect natural formula.

Physio Natura features a new look, an ongoing renovation is there for all to see with a new logo, paving the way for a major renovation of its products. With its link to the past and while recalling those years devoted to finding the perfect formula between Beauty and Nature, Physio Natura is ready to write a new chapter of its story.

While evolving towards green products, Physio Natura has banned PEGs and petrolatum, thus sealing the deal that the entire team signed with Nature 20 years ago. Since then, they met new people and their story has been enriched with bonds and affection, travelling all over the world to represent Beauty and Puglia in the most important trade fairs. Now this story of emotions and success will be written by new accomplishments.

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