PHYSIO Natura products, born from the passion for natural cosmetics, represent the perfect blend of natural active principles with precious ingredients, giving beauty and brightness to your skin.

Physio Natura


Product line to cleanse, tonify and exfoliate all skin types. These products have a deep cleansing effect without stressing or irritating the skin, preparing it for the application of specific creams for any treatment, improving their effectiveness. With natural plant-based active ingredients providing a calming and soothing effect.


Face line for an intensive moisturizing treatment with hyaluronic acid and marine collagen to help nourish and add volume to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is an active cutting-edge beauty product able to constantly ensure the proper skin hydration, prevent and fight the forming of wrinkles and signs of age, smoothing and toning the skin, making it turgid and firm.


Body care lines designed and improved to nourish, strengthen and protect the skin thanks to the properties of highly effective natural ingredients. The antioxidant properties of Grapes, the natural Silk extract, Argan, the revitalizing benefits of Donkey Milk and the emollient benefits of Olive Oil revitalize, moisturize and restore the skin, fighting skin aging.


Face line for the treatment of impure skin and to fight oily look, dilated blackheads pores and pimples. Protects oily skin from adverse weather conditions, helping it to gradually restore its natural balance.


Moisturizing face line perfect for all skin types. Thanks to its peculiar and refined formula, it ensures the proper skin hydration level, an essential element to protect the skin against aging and keep it firm, elastic and luminous.


Face line designed to prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation caused by acne, excessive sun exposure, skin aging, photosensitivity. The association of the active ingredients contained helps to even out skin tone for a lighter, smoother and more luminous complexion.


The perfect protocol for a regenerating effect on dull and grey skin subjected to stress of various kinds. Vitamin C stimulates the natural cell process of collagen fibre synthesis, ensuring the skin’s renewed vitality.


Alpha-hydroxy acid-based line of products developed to favour the superficial exfoliation of the skin, stimulate cellular rejuvenation and restore the skin’s PH to its physiological acid levels. This treatment is perfectly suited to prepare the skin for further treatments.


Face line for the treatment of sensitive, hyperactive, couperose-affected skin. Fights and mitigates reddening, irritation, sensation of heat and itchiness, helping the skin to fight environmental effects.


Eye line for an intensive skin rejuvenation ann deep moisturization of of tyhe eye area. The natural extracts of Liquorice and Ginks Biloba, rich on moisturizing active ingredients, able to reinforce the tissues, combined with Escin, able to reduce under eye bags and dark circles, provide an immediate brightening and restructuing effect on eye contour and also stimulate cellular microcirculation.


Looking young thanks to a smooth skin with no wrinkles: through its innovative active ingredients, RIGENERA not only helps to make this dream come true but also protects the skin from UV rays, extreme weather conditions and pollution which cause damage and contribute to the onset of skin affections.


Complete treatment for bodycare, with special products like creams, oils, synergies, muds, able to offer a valuable contribution to preserve a young and healthy skin. Proper treatments to cleanse, nourish, firm and reshape imperfections and blemishes in a targeted way.


A range of products especially conceived for hands and feet care. It comprises highly emollient and nourishing products that protect from external attacks and from dehydration and ageing. They are rich in active principles that help to prevent thickenings, wrinkles, corns and calluses.


A range of sun care products especially conceived for exposure to sun and UV lamps. The range comprises sun screens of the latest generation, which protect from the harmful effect of the sun (photoaging: production of free radicals, degeneration of elastic fibres and collagen, appearance of wrinkles and spots), and tan activators, which guarantee a uniform and lasting tan.